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If you’re looking for a great game to pass the time, you might want to take a look at Boxing Star. It’s a mobile game available on both iOS and Android. It has been rapidly gaining fans over the last few months.

If you’ve already tried the game and found yourself stuck, you’ve come to the right Boxing Star Hack article. Here, we’ll discuss ways to catapult yourself to a higher level without needing to grind as much as other people.

If this early in the article you’ve decided that this may not be the hack for you, try to google other guides. It discusses helpful tricks and tips you can use in the game.

So let’s get to it.

The colors do matter.

When playing games, you need to pay extra attention to everything. Especially to the hidden staircases on the wall and little messages that programmers slipped into the game to help you win.

Take a look at the color of the skills. You have purple, green, yellow and blue. Coincidentally, your stances also have the exact same shade of the exact same color. Of course, you’ve played the game and mixing different colors work in inflicting damages on your enemies.

Here’s the cheat: the colors do matter. Combining the same colors for an attack ups its damage to your enemies. They didn’t really tell you about it on the game, and unless you pour many hours on it, it’s not that easy to notice.

You should also know that the colors of the stances, and the skills have a hierarchy. 

Green is weak against Yellow.

Green is weak against Blue.

Purple is stronger than Blue.

Yellow is stronger than Purple.

2. What is the best attack to use?

There is really no best move in the game. However, there is the best combo. Regardless of whether you choose to use Uppercut, Jab or special, the ultimate goal is to inflict the most damage. The game only allows a couple of moves per turn so you have to really strategize which moves you’ll include in your next attack.

So which skill should you use?

Look at how much percent is needed to activate a skill.

Check how much more damage it can inflict on the enemy.

Once you have an idea on which attack to choose, start filling up your skill slots. Focus on the skill you needed to activate. Aim to repeatedly use the attack that could activate the skill. Remember that you need to be able to perform the attack 3 or more times before the skill could be activated. So take no chances and just keep having your player use the same attack.

You could still do combos. We know that uppercut and jab work great together. You can still add those in the skill slots. Just don’t forget about the repeated attacks.

3. S-coins: How to get them.

This game has its own currency the S-coins. While buying them with real money is the best way to get them, it’s not the only way. The game is very generous in allowing players to earn the currency through side battles and watching advertisements. Unlike most mobile games that pushes players to purchase the gold with real money.

S-coins can help your player upgrade fast. As soon as you have enough of it, use it. Buy items for your character. It doesn’t only help you win. iIt also lowers the time that the game spends in loading the order.

Just go to the menu settings, choose personal management, click crib and then wheels entourage. Use your S-coins wisely. They’re very hard to earn. Or use my Boxing Star Hack to get gold and convert it to S-Coins.

4. How to maximize your Gears

One of the best ways to get better in the game is to wear better gears. When you enter the game, you get your first gear in your mailbox as a reward. Of course, you’d want to keep improving and level up from there. There are many ways to earn gears. Here are the best ones:

Hoard and treasure league points.

Avoid losing in defense matches

Get yourself into harder leagues

Earn league points and win while in league mode

Of course, the harder and higher the league, the loot you can get from winning them becomes bigger and more important. You can also get gears from the loot box but only on more advanced leagues.

Other little ways to get ahead in the game:

Strive to fill your heart meter. You can do this by continually donating stuff. Don’t give away something important. Just sacrifice the low-level gears until the meter is filled. Once that’s done, open your swap box. It will give you more powerful gears.

It’s also best to stick to a guild or a clan. They can help you get better gears. They could also help level you up faster.

Another way to do it is to level up the gears that you have instead of finding ones that are already high-powered. Pick up a low-quality gear and keep fighting with it to level it up. It won’t be easy but eventually, it’ll start increasing in level. Reach the highest level attainable and then level up the gear. That’ll make it more powerful.

Whichever method you choose, just keep doing it repeatedly to get farther in the game. I personally prefer the third method. Leveling up weaker gears to create more powerful ones doesn’t only make the gear more powerful, it also ups your stats as a player. Of course, repeatedly going into battle to gain more experience for your low-quality gear will expose you into more battles and sharpen you into a better player. If you want to know more about Boxer Star gears, read our separate article about them. It has everything you need to know and more. If you want to know more about the game in general, find our introduction to Boxer stars. It also has ways on how to improve yourself on the game as well as tips and a couple of hidden tricks that could help you out.

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