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Everybody loves Mickey and Gameloft takes on the Disney enchantment with their city building game, Disney Magic Kingdoms. In this game, Maleficent plays the villain and curses the Kingdom and your goal is to help bring it back to its former glory. There is time based quests that you need to finish and establish different attractions to make your own fun theme park in order to encourage visitors and create happiness. You can speed it all up through Disney Magic Kingdoms hack. However, there are tips on how to build your kingdom strategically, without using gems from DMK cheats.

Here are tips on how to succeed in this game without giving up a dime.

Build your Character First.

This is a Disney game and in order to bring happiness into your Kingdom, which is the primary goal; you need to welcome as many Disney characters as you can. They can be unlocked by tapping the “Characters” icon at the bottom of your display. These characters need to level up, similar to how you play with Avengers Academy. It is a vital part of building since every upgrade you get will open up other activities and unlock structures that are often required to finish certain quests. The higher the level of characters in your collection, the more variety of activities you can take, the further chances of earning magic, gems and other supplies needed to continue in developing your kingdom.

Of course, before you upgrade your Disney friend, you need to have one. Getting a character is done after completing a main quest. To be able to welcome him or her into your Kingdom, you need to complete a set of tokens required. Once done, you can start leveling them up.

Gather the Items You Need for Leveling

Improving your character in game, as mentioned above, is not just about clicking the upgrade button. There are items you will need to gather first to be able to proceed. When you have all that you need to level up your characters, grab the chance and do so. The moment you complete your list; character specific items can no longer be accumulated. Repeating the activities that earn you the same piece will only give you experience and magic. Therefore, there is no need to keep them when you can already use them for upgrading. By prioritizing your upgrade, you will free up your inventory for more valuable things you will discover along the way.

Optional Land Clears

Part of the game is land expansion. There are areas included in the main story intended for your use, but there are some offered as an option. They are not required but can be unlocked if you need that extra room to breathe. Clearing these optional lands is more expensive, a cost you don’t need and can be used on more important purchases. Furthermore, it doesn’t give you any experience or magic points, nor does it complete any quest log you need to fill. If you want to build faster and avoid spending real money, you need to go away with the unnecessary expenses such as clearing these land areas. Instead, use the magic on improving your characters.

Time Management

Games like Disney Magic Kingdoms are timer based games. These types need your time management abilities in order to schedule your time off the game efficiently. For Gameloft’s Disney Magic Kingdoms, you need to complete quests in order to gain magic, items and experience. Each quest has different time constraints and planning ahead on how you will take them will help in your game progress.

This is where your time management and planning skills will come handy. For example, there are quests that take 8 to 12 hours to finish and they are best started off before you sleep so you won’t waste any time in between.

It is also true that you schedule shorter quests for when you have time to spend in-game. These are expeditions that take at least an hour or two to complete. This way, you can also take advantage of the fact that shorter timed quests earn more magic and experience than those with longer time requisites.

As you go through the game, however, this mindset will not always apply. There will come a time that you will need a specific item you can only get through a definite activity. During these crossroads, you will have to evaluate on how you will proceed according to your plans and figure out the next-best move in achieving your goals.

Special Events

The game is generous and from time to time gives you valuable opportunities to earn things you might need. Almost every game has one, and once you spot that Special Events corner, don’t forget to visit it and look into what you can do in exchange for great rewards. Most are not really as demanding as the other offers. Sometimes all they require is for you to log in the game and do something menial to get rewards that can significantly help in your kingdom building endeavor.


So far, we have given you tips on how to play the Disney Magic Kingdoms game by being strategic without the need to use Disney Magic Kingdoms Hack. Some people, nonetheless, will want to hack gems for a bit of push. If you decide to hack some, here are hints to steer you in the right direction.

Disney Magic Kingdoms has a story line of characters that you will be able to access throughout the game. Even so, they will offer extra characters that are not required in the story, but can be unlocked by gems to help you along the way. These characters come with additional quests and can earn you those rare items that are so hard to find. These characters are expensive, but the DMK hack has been known to offer limited gems offers from time to time. If you want to use cheats, I say go for it.

Next to characters are the attractions. There are certain structures that can also be bought through gems alone. And like those special characters, these particular buildings will most like give you unique activities and rewards. Not only that, they certainly seem to look better than your usual architecture.

Last but definitely not the least in your list is the use of gems to bolster your parade. Disney Magic Kingdoms, like the real theme park, enjoys a good show through their parades. Gems will unlock more options for your parading activities, giving you better chances for rewards.

Although hack are tempting with its grandeur, you may still enjoy the game without it. You don’t need to hack gems in order to play and reach your goal. It may take time, but success is more meaningful through hard work. If you follow the tips above, you are on to a good Disney Magic Kingdoms gaming experience.

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