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Fingersoft is back with a sequel to their hit racing/survival game, Hill Climb Racing 2. This time with new sceneries and even more cars to choose from. The game retained its original gameplay. Players get to drive an out-of-control car to finish first or at least outlast their opponents on the racing field. Just like in the previous version of this game, you have to overcome obstacles while you’re trying to finish the entire course of the race. This guide can help you get way farther and enhance your gaming experience.

As much as you can, avoid colliding with anything

The objective of the game is to finish the race first or at least outlast everyone else. Crashing or plummeting out of your car, will automatically result with disqualification. This applies in both Adventure mode and in Cups mode. Of course, given the gameplay, you are expected to risk crashing in order to collect rewards, which are scattered along the way. Just make sure that the risk you’re going to take is calculated and that you’ll still be able to safely return to your seat.

If you’re thrown into the air near the end, as long as you land on the end of the field, it’ll count as a win.

The first tip doesn’t apply with NPCs

Sadly, Non-playing characters don’t disappear when they crash. Not like you do. They’ll just regenerate back into the game and catch up to you. So forget about doing a victory dance when you see any of them tumble.

Learn the controls

It’ll take some getting used to, but once you’re used to the on-screen pedals, you’ll have fun twisting and turning your car even as it goes through the air. Remember to hit the  right pedal to go forward and the left pedal to stop. Once your car is already in the air, holding either of these two pedals down will make it do a flip.

Save up for your next ride

Don’t spend all of your hacked gems on your first ride. It won’t be worth it. No matter what you add to your first jeep, it won’t be as fast as the more advanced cars. Focus on buying new cars instead of trying to make your the race current one better. The ultimate goal is to get the super jeep. It’s the fastest car in the game. It’s fun to use Hill Climb Racing 2 Hack and raising gems for it will be easy.

Just don’t do tricks

Tricks aren’t necessary to win the game. They just happen to be really well animated. Always focus on finishing first. Even if you get rewards for doing tricks, it won’t be as much as the reward you’ll get if you finish the race first and win. That will help you level up way faster.

Be on the lookout for bonuses and freebies

Occasionally, the game gives players the option to upgrade their ride by watching an advertisement rather than paying a certain amount of gems. This opportunity sometimes pops up while in the vehicle upgrade mode. It’s important that you don’t pass up on it. Even if sometimes it pops up on the car that you don’t really use much. The value of the upgrades isn’t equal so it’s best to go with whichever vehicle has the highest freebie value.

This free upgrade is sometimes also found in locked chests. Try to check them every once in a while to make sure you’re not missing out on a freebie.

Get to know the game’s interface

Once you’re already on the road, you’ll see two gauge on your screen. The left gauge, with the word RPM on it and a large yellow number underneath it, indicates different things depending on which mode you’re on. On race mode, it’s an estimate of how far you are from the end finish line. On adventure mode, it’s your distance from the starting line.

At the beginning of each race, your left gauge would have a green rectangle on it. If you manage to step on your gas early enough that your left gauge’s red indicator falls into the green rectangle, you’ll get the “perfect start”. This won’t really do anything too impressive, but it will give you a slight boost at the beginning of the race.

Customize your car to whatever works for you

The rides in this game are highly customizable. You have the option to upgrade many parts of your vehicle, including grip, engine, and many others. Once you buy an upgrade for a specific part, you own that upgrade forever which means you can replace it and put it back whenever you want. You can combine different parts  for your vehicles. This would allow you to do different tricks and flips when you’re on the field. Tap the “tune” button to start flipping through Car Customization

Change the designs of your vehicles to your heart’s content. It really wouldn’t affect the performance, but it’s fun. To be able to change your ride’s look, go to “Looks.” If you’re in Cups mode, you’ll find it after you click “Race” but if you’re in Adventure mode, find it under “Location.” After clicking “Looks” you’ll enter customization mode where you’ll have control of every customizable part of your vehicle. Try out the different designs already in your tab. You’ll have more options as the game progresses. One by one you’ll be able to collect many different designs through various ways. Just keep in mind that if you have  different vehicles, a single item won’t be applicable for everyone of them. For example, If you get a paint color, and you can’t find it on your customization choices, try to look for it on your other vehicles. It might only be applicable in that.

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When do graphics matter?

In racing mode, you can’t really collide with many things. The goal is to finish first, just ignore everything else. The game have a special animation for cows when you’re about to run them over. Don’t worry just keep driving, they’re safe. You really wouldn’t be able to hit them. If you want to slow down and appreciate the effort on the graphics and the small details in the game, do it on adventure mode and not while you’re racing in racing mode.

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