Kaspersky Security Scan for Windows

Kaspersky Security Scan for Windows

Kaspersky Security Scan is a potent request that makes use of cutting-edge checking methods. It was created by Lab Kaspersky. You can quickly scan your Pc with the app before receiving a notification of the result, letting you know how your product is doing.

Your Pc may become quickly scanned and protected on a regular ground thanks to Kaspersky Security Scan’s’s configurable preset monitoring routines.

Included are the following main characteristics:

  1. instant malware and virus test.
  2. Complete paper of every threat discovered on your computer.
  3. information about new and evolving threats that is cloud-based.
  4. a user-friendly software


The majority of dynamic antivirus and / or antivirus programs that you may also have installed on your pc are compatible with Kaspersky Security Scan, which installs easily.

A reliable stability tool for finding trojan on your computer is Kaspersky Security Scan. The app is lightweight but prominent, and the software is pretty user-friendly. A mechanism like Kaspersky Security Scan is exactly what you need if you create your special confidentiality benefits on your computer rather than implementing apartments.



Windows version of Kaspersky Security Scan
  1. Vista, Windows
Cultures that are spoken:
  1. English,
  2. Czech,
  3. German,
  4. Spanish,
  5. French,
  6. Italian,
  7. Korean,
  8. Dutch,
  9. Polish,
  10. Portuguese,
  11. Russian,
  12. Turkish
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13th August 2023, a Friday
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