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Toon Blast is a fun puzzle game developed by Peak Games. The game’s premise is rather simple. You just need to match big puzzle pieces and create boosters that clear obstacles to complete each mission’s stage. The puzzle becomes tougher as you go further in this cartoon universe.

This is a fun game, and we completely understand if you find yourself not wanting to stop playing. If you want to continue playing but always run out of lives, then this guide is for you. This will not give you unlimited lives, but these tips will help you get more lives and beat more levels with your Toon Blast friends, Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, and Bruno Bear.

Ways to Earn More Lives

You start the game with five lives. You will not lose any life as long as you clear a level. If you fail a level, you need to play it again but lose one life. The game is delightful and the more you lose, the more you challenge yourself to beat that level. 

Some players resort to cheats or hacks so they can get unlimited lives. However, there are legitimate ways to earn lives in the game without cheating.

Be Patient – They say patience is a virtue. I say patience is a skill. You earn a new life every 20 minutes. If you run out of lives, just take a short break, grab a cup of coffee or go for a quick walk. It is also a good opportunity to refresh your eyes and your brain so you will be ready for a lot more challenging levels once you get back.

Join a Team – Once you get to level 20 you can join a team. Just go to the team icon tab so you can see the different available teams. We recommend that you join a team with many members, preferably not less than 15. When you already have a team, you can now ask your teammates for lives. Just go to the chat and tap the “Ask Lives” button. Your teammates can then give you lives (which is why you would want to choose a team with more lives). You can get as much as 5 lives in 4 hours from the other members of your team. 

Use Coins – You can get 5 lives for 100 coins. You can hack coins directly from our Toon Blast Hack or earn it in the game. You can earn coins by:

  • Giving lives to your other team members – You earn coins when you give a life, and it is a way of repaying your teammates for giving you lives as well.
  • Get a Star Chest – Depending on your score, you can get 1 to 3 stars each time you complete a level. Once you have accumulated 20 stars, you get a Star Chest. A Star Chest would fully replenish your 5 lives and give you some extra freebies.
  • Get a Toon Chest – you earn a Toon Chest every time you clear 10 levels.

Tips and Tricks to Clear Levels 1 to 20

Know how to overcome obstacles – After clearing a few of the first levels, you will start to encounter obstacles that require some tricks to remove.

  • Ducks – To remove the ducks, move them to the puzzle’s bottom. Focus on one duck at a time and check ahead for the incoming combos to ensure you have a way to match the puzzles at the bottom. If you can position a rocket combo right, it will help you clear the ducks in only a few moves.
  • Balloons – To pop the balloons, tap on those bricks right next to it. Take note that using rockets to clear the blocks would not have any effect on the balloons. If the obstacle involves both ducks and balloons, deal with the balloon first as they can hinder your progress.
  • Bubbles – Get combos to those blocks with bubbles to clear them since they do not move. Bubbles take top priority to clear, followed by balloons and ducks.

Make combos – You can unlock combos by merging at least 5 blocks. These powerful combos will help beat those obstacles.

  • Disco Ball – Merge 9 cubes to create this combo. You can use this to clear one specific color of blocks on the entire board.
  • Rocket – Merge 5 cubes to create this combo. The rocket can clear vertical or horizontal blocks in a row depending on the rocket’s direction.
  • Bomb – Merge 7 cubes to create this combo. The bomb clears 8 blocks that surround it.

Use Double combos – Combine two combos to make a powerful double combo that can clear a larger portion.

Start from below – Create combos closest to the board’s bottom so you can have newer cubes at the top to compress same colored cubes easily.

Think before tapping – Puzzle games give our brains a good exercise. The first objective is to tap the bricks in the color that you need. If those are not available, create combos that will give you the blocks you need when removed.

Tips to Clear Levels 21 and Above

If you managed to get to level 20 then you must now have a good grasp of the game. However, as the level rises so does the difficulty of the obstacles. Here are a couple of those harder to deal with obstacles:

Light bulbs – You have to turn these light bulbs on before you can remove them. That means you have to tap those bricks of the same color right next to them twice. The first tap would turn them on and the second tap will clear them. Activate combos to turn on several lightbulbs all at once so you would only need to tap once to clear them.

Crates – the crates are the evil counterpart of the balloons. Therefore, if you already hate the balloons, you will hate the crates more. You have to prioritize the removal of those crates running vertically on the sides, otherwise, it would block your progress. If the creates are at the center in a block position, clear each vertical starting at the outermost edge.

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